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Reanna invited me over to her house to these beautiful spots! The field is my favorite, beautiful light and tall grass!! Thank you for yummy zucchini bread and chatting with me about life. You have the sweetest soul and I can't wait to see what the future brings you!!

I loved her laugh but she rocked the serious face!! & those eyes!! LOVE.

That GLOW!!


I was so excited when I looked over Hannah's questionnaire and she picked "Urban/Downtown" choice for locations. I had so many new locations I wanted to use for her senior session! New locations make my little photographer heart so happy!!

Thank you Hannah for trusting me to celebrate this time in your life!


Actually, this is my FAVORITE!! I can have 2 favorites, right??

I love when my seniors want to bring their pups!

I started my 2020 senior season with a BANG! I love all the variety we got while staying in Nottoway county. Sometimes you have to explore the most random places for the best locations. Haley trusted every crazy idea I had for locations, and I couldn't be happier with this session!!

My goal is to blog each of my 2020 seniors this year! Haley's session was in May so I am a little behind, but hopefully I can catch up soon!!

Next up on the blog...

Hannah's Senior Session

She KILLED the model face!!

I always love a good black & white shot!

These were taken after days and days are rain, I had missed glowy sunset portraits more than anything!! We got lucky with gorgeous light!!

Give me ALLL the twirly dresses & fields of tall grass!!

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