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2021 Senior Spokesmodels

I am so excited to introduce to you my 2021 Spokesmodels! We had such a fun day despite COVID-19 on Saturday at our meet and greet. We chatted, made TikToks, drank yummy punch, took lots of pictures, laughed so hard, and most importantly the girls became such quick friends!! I was smiling from ear to ear the rest of the day thinking about how fun the day was and how excited I am for the rest of the year!! I am so lucky to have such beautiful and sweet girls to represent my business. Here is a look into our exciting day together...

Emily, Camille, Maci, Avalon, Macie, Austin, and Kylie... these are MY girls!

I want to thank the girls and their parents for being a part of my first ever Senior Spokesmodel team. I will remember this group forever.

Everyone get ready! We have a whole year of FUN!

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